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There are so many amazing things in Santa Barbara. At the very top of my list is Jill Denison's Gyrotonic Santa Barbara. The past nine months working with Jill have changed my life more than any other modality. If you don't know, Gyrotonic itself is a very powerful healing method. And, under the exceptional, gentle guidance of master teacher Jill Denison, the experience is on a whole other level. She's world-class, and I've lived in New York, San Francisco, and London - so I know!

For me, there is my life before working with her and my life after. That's how big a difference she made in the day-to-day quality of my life.

The short version; in seventh grade, I had a very bad bike accident that left me paralyzed on one side of my body. They did not think I'd walk again. Overcoming all odds, I did relearn to walk - but dancing was beyond what I could do. I just couldn't make my body move the way I saw others moving. Decades later, after working with Jill to help with stiffness and body flexibility, the brilliant side effect of her guidance was that the Gyrotonic work rebuilt brain-body nerve passageways that were broken in that long-ago accident.

It was quite a surprise to me to be at a weekend music festival last month and discover that suddenly I could dance! Really! This is the power of Jill and her Gyrotonic studio. Friends who have known me for years and are accustomed to my limited ability to move are saying, "You are moving differently! What are you doing?!"

As a person, Jill is wonderful and I know she's often very heavily scheduled (because she's so good) working with private clients and training other teachers - but it's worth the wait to get in and see her. It's the best thing I've done for self-care in my life! I cannot recommend her highly enough! She's exceptional and a very special part of Santa Barbara!
Bob Degus
Film Producer, Director
I have been working with Jill for about 6 months. Before that, I worked with some excellent Gyrotonic and Pilates teachers, but had not found the key to address the weaknesses that scoliosis had caused in my body.

I had previously had stem cell injections to help with SI joint instability, but because my pelvis was not level, I continued to have pain and periodic crippling flare ups. I have worked with physical therapists for years — good ones! Therapists who laid the groundwork for what I could become, but my exercise routines did not create the hip stability I needed.

Jill suggested that we focus on strengthening my back body. Now, with the movement that’s an intrinsic part of Gyrotonic, I have become pain free. My therapists are stunned by my progress. And I am over the moon with delight and appreciation. Thank you, Jill.
Kathy Smith
Software Engineer

Jill has been a gift for me. She uses her mastery of Gyrotonic and adapts the exercises to what my body needs at the time. She has worked patiently with me over the last 4.5 years to strengthen my body, to shift a recurring lower back issue, and to get me fully into my body while patiently advancing me to the intermediate level.

She is always accepting and allowing without judgment, while at the same time she keeps me moving forward and on track. Her hands on touch in sessions is wise and purposeful, and it provides gentle guidance that has enhanced my training. She has a gift for teaching, and her love and knowledge of Gyrotonic is truly inspiring and encourages me to keep going.

And she is one of my favorite humans!

Margaret Ringer
Owner, Confidence Through Completing